Top Ten Creative Christmas Projects

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Santa is Coming To Town

With Christmas right around the corner and Santa coming to town, it’s time to get your festive pants on! It’s always fun to use your hands this time of year, especially when you’re creating something full of the Holiday spirit. From cards, decoration, and gifts, Kiwi Lane is here to get you inspired this Christmas season! What will you create?

1. Rejoice Design Kit

Snap Frames are the perfect seasonal project, with beautiful frame kits and flexible combinations that allow for your creativity to awaken every time of the year! The Rejoice Design kit is no exception! This kit is perfect for this holiday season, and especially YOUR holiday season since you can personalize it to fit your traditions and unique taste. Haven’t got your hands on it yet? It’s not too late! You can get it here or you can read more about it and get more inspiration by clicking the link above! Don’t forget to get your snap frame first!

2. Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas is the season of giving, and here at Kiwi Lane, we know that you have a lot of giving to do this year. With a mile-long list of people you care for, you can often give in to the rush of the season and tape on some wrapping paper and call it good. But with just one sit-down session, you can create a handful of beautiful and personal gift tags to accompany your thoughtful gifts! Using the Tags Accessory Set and the wonderful Tiny Traditions and Tiny Holiday Accessory sets, you can whip up something festive and fun to tie on to your gifts this year! If you want to read more about it, click the link above!

3. Winter Felt Trees
Winter Trees Felt Trees

Wanting to spice up your Christmas decorations? You’re in the right place! Even though the Winter Accessory set has long been retired, their legacy is still left behind, and with just some twigs and hot glue you can create festive frosted felt trees to put on the mantle or table. They are a perfect addition to your decoration and a great time to sit down and craft something with your hands (and maybe reduce the felt stash you may or may not have).

Instead of using the Winter accessory set, you can use Tiny Holiday to aid you in your Holiday endeavors. Want more details on how to do it? Read more about it by clicking the link above.

4. 8" Christmas Cards

Some days you just want to keep it simple with a 5″x 4″ Christmas card, and other days…well, other days you want to go big or go home; big being an 8″ Christmas card, and home being your messy crafting station. We get it! We love big cards too, especially the festive ones, so pull out your paper and templates, and maybe a hot drink to keep you company while you craft your card. Want more ideas? You can get more inspiration for your 8″ Christmas cards if you follow the link above.

5. Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s nothing like a gift you make with your own hands, and Kiwi Lane is all about using your hands this Christmas Season! From soda to nail polish, there is always a way to make something festive, cute, and gift-worthy. If you follow the link above, you will find ways to spice up a simple soda bottle, make a candy-filled paper ornament, and gift some nail polish with a side of puns. Excited yet? We sure are!

6. Happy Hanukkah!

We’ve had a few Kiwi Lane customers requesting ideas for Hanukkah, so we had a Creative Partner Play-To-Create with her Kiwi Lane Designer Templates to create new shapes/Accessories to fit the special occasion! Want to see how she did it? Follow the link and be prepared to say ‘wow!’

7. Simple Christmas Cards

Need some ideas for using your scraps after all those Christmas projects? Make a card! We love using our Tiny Traditions and Tiny Holiday Accessory Set on our cards as they are the perfect combination for a Christmas card. Once you’ve finished, write a few season greetings and give it to a friend! You can even consider attaching a treat to make it that much better. Make sure to share what you create in the community!

8. Christmas Layout

The heart of Kiwi lane is and always will be playing, creating, and connecting. And making a Christmas layout is the perfect time to connect with your cherished Christmas memories. Want a few tips and tricks to help inspire you this year? Go read about this Christmas layout by clicking the link above.

9. Merry Card Variety Pack

With so many season greetings to send this year, you should consider a variety pack! With the Merry Variety pack, you can play-to-create a festive group of ten cards and then slip in your annual family Christmas card inside and send it off!

10. A COVID Christmas Gift Tag

We love our gift tags! They are a great way to add a personal touch and maybe a bit of humor. If you click the link above you can get access to a free printable for this year and information on the Gift Giving Guide this December that will include a lot more gift tags for you to play with!

What's on your Christmas list this year? Did any of these projects catch your eye? Let us know if you give them a try!

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