Top Ten Creative Christmas Projects

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Santa is Coming To Town

With Christmas right around the corner and Santa coming to town, it’s time to get your festive pants on! It’s always fun to use your hands this time of year, especially when you’re creating something full of the Holiday spirit. From cards, decoration, and gifts, Kiwi Lane is here to get you inspired this Christmas season! What will you create?

1. Rejoice Design Kit

Snap Frames are the perfect seasonal project, with beautiful frame kits and flexible combinations that allow for your creativity to awaken every time of the year! The Rejoice Design kit is no exception! This kit is perfect for this holiday season, and especially YOUR holiday season since you can personalize it to fit your traditions and unique taste. Haven’t got your hands on it yet? It’s not too late! You can get it here or you can read more about it and get more inspiration by clicking the link above! Don’t forget to get your snap frame first!

2. Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas is the season of giving, and here at Kiwi Lane, we know that you have a lot of giving to do this year. With a mile-long list of people you care for, you can often give in to the rush of the season and tape on some wrapping paper and call it good. But with just one sit-down session, you can create a handful of beautiful and personal gift tags to accompany your thoughtful gifts! Using the Tags Accessory Set and the wonderful Tiny Traditions and Tiny Holiday Accessory sets, you can whip up something festive and fun to tie on to your gifts this year! If you want to read more about it, click the link above!