Sweetheart Valentine Wreath

Valentines Day Wreath

Valentines Day Wreath

Letting my plain wreath inspire me…

So, I have had this wreath for awhile. It hangs on my front door and it’s pretty basic and neutral, which I like. At the same time though, whenever a holiday rolls around I find myself wishing that I had something brighter to dress up my front door with. Something specific to that holiday. I have considered creating a wreath for each major holiday, but the thought of having to store that many wreaths makes me cringe!


For weeks, every time I passed this wreath, my brain would subconsciously start wrangling with this predicament all over again. I needed something that would allow me to change the wreath’s theme and color for each holiday and would store well in between.

Then it hit me! I could use my Designer Templates to create removable banners for each holiday!

I immediately went downstairs to see what I had lying around that would work for the nearest, upcoming holiday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day. I actually have a lot of ribbon and fabric and other embellishments in my scrapbooking room… leftovers from my pre-Designer Template days; back when I used to think that I needed to spend $20 to scrapbook one picture! The Play-To-Create system has definitely changed all of that for me. The result is a lot of jars and drawers full of hardware, and ribbon and string! I decided it was time to put them to good use!  

Valentine Bling

So I started to Play! I used Sweetheart 2 and Tiny Sweetheart 2T to trace hearts onto the felt squares I had. I didn’t want to mark up my templates so I used a dry erase marker to trace them onto the felt. It worked perfectly!

Felt Sweetheart Hearts

I recruited some help with the cutting. My daughter went to work like a pro and loved it! She was so focused! I love how naturally creative kids are. They are so willing to help, and don’t let fear stop them from just Playing Joyfully!

cutting out hearts

sweetheart Hearts
The top row of hearts are the ones that she did, and I did the bottom ones. Not bad, right?

Also, can I just say that the Tim Holtz scissors are great. They cut this felt beautifully (I know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to scissors, but a nice pair of scissors is worth the investment!).

Now for Decorating

This is where all of the extra embellishments came in handy. We started with ribbon. If you are recreating this project, be sure to cut the ribbon a little longer then the hearts are wide. You can trim off any excess after the ribbon is secured. I alternated the bigger heart from the Sweetheart Accessory set, and the smaller heart from the Tiny Sweetheart set when I laid them out. I cut out the lengths of ribbon and just laid them on top of the hearts. Then I snapped a picture so that I would remember how I had designed them.

crafting with your childrens

Next, we attached the ribbon to the felt by sewing it on (You could also hot glue it in place). Flip your heart over and cut off the excess ribbon, then repeat the process for each heart.

hearts on the wreath

Attach the individual hearts together by hot glueing a string along the back of them, creating a banner. And lastly, tie the banner onto your wreath!

To see a video of how I sewed the ribbon on, and how I hot glued the banner together, hop on over to our snapguide.

How to Make a Valentine banner for a wreath.”

I was so happy with the way this turned out. It made me smile and gave me that feeling of creative satisfaction that can be so fulfilling! My plan is to make a banner for each month. I love the thought of being able to take them off when the month is over and store them flat in a single drawer!

Have an idea for a banner of your own? be sure to share it with us! And keep an eye out for next month’s banner. I’ll make sure to share what I come up with!

Susan Budge
Susan Budge