Two Spring Snap Frame Ideas

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Spring Snap Frame

It’s that time of year! We always love a shift in the seasons because it allows us to redecorate the house! And Snap Frames are the perfect craft since it allows for a quick change and long-lasting satisfaction. Using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory set and some spring-centered embellishments, you’ll have two spring snap frames to decorate your house in no time!

For this Snap Frame, Shiloh decided to stain her Snap Frame and then paint her Window Design Mat to help bring focus and color to her design. It’s also important to note that she decided to add some color by choosing a light blue piece of paper from her scraps and adhered it to her snap back using Mod Podge. With the rest of her paper scraps, she designed a fun spring basket using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory set. For the final touch, she added some twine to her carrot, and using the doodle sheet that comes with the Accessory Set she added a flower to her basket!

The great thing about the Snap Frame is you can make TWO designs. Simply flip it over and you have a whole new side to decorate. That’s what Shiloh did! She flipped it over and used the same Designer Template Set and blue paper as a foundation. She traced out the bunny from her Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory set out on felt to add some fun dimension and texture and for the tail, she used the doodle sheet from the set and traced it out on felt as well. Then using some embellishments from Hobby Lobby she created a fun floral cradle for her bunny. If you want to use Designer Templates to create this fun floral cradle, check out how Susan created felt flowers using the Tiny Nature Accessory set.

These frames are so much fun to make, opening up another way to play to create in your life, and adding a personal, handmade touch to your home decor in the process. And it’s pretty simple! You just need to pick a snap frame, design mat, and snap back to create decor that is just your style.

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