Snap Frames Workshop

Have you seen our NEW Snap Frames? These awesome new home decor frames are a blast to play with and by simply changing up design kits you can use yours all year long.

Snap Frame Workshop

Not too long ago Susan Budge had a Live workshop where she created a Snap Frame (start to finish) If you didn’t have a chance to watch Live and would enjoy watching her share step by step directions of the above Snap Frame she created we’ve attached her Live workshop video below.

You Inspire Us

We love seeing all of the amazing Snap Frames you’ve been creating so keep sharing your frames with us in the Community!! Below, Kiwi Lane Creative Partner Loretta Morgan shows off the Snap Frame she made during Susan’s workshop and shared a little about her experience!

Enjoy the little things

Last night I joined an on-line workshop with the co-founder of Kiwi Lane and made this Snap Fram! It’s so fun! I can’t wait to do the back side so I have another display all in one unit! I’m thinking I can add a photo display of some sort. There are so many creative ideas that are coming to mind.

It just takes a little creative time to play and the ideas come! This would make a great homemade Mother’s Day gift for that special Mom in your life or treat yourself!

-Loretta Morgan

Wondering How To Get Started?

To learn more about Snap Frames and to find out what you need to begin making your own talk to your Kiwi Lane Creative Partner or visit our Snap Frames Landing Page HERE.

Snap Frames Logo

These frames are so much fun to make, opening up another way to play-to-create in your life, and adding a personal, handmade touch to your home decor in the process.

Some good old fashioned Playing, Creating and Connecting

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