Snap Frames for Every Season

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Creative Partner Debbie Marcinkiewicz loves Playing-To-Create to get everything she can out of her Snap Frames. Watch the video to see how she uses and reuses the different Snap Frame pieces to design and decorate as the seasons change. She created 4 seasonal Snap Frame designs, using a single Snap Back and Snap Frame and simply swapping out different Design Mats.

It's a Snap to Use!

Snap Frames are simple to put together and to interchange. You can even make it dual purpose! The Snap Backs and Design Mats are both reversible so you can use both sides to create multiple designs. This makes it fast and easy to swap out the designs as quickly as the seasons change. The Snap Backs and the Window Design Mat all have a laser cut pattern into the wood on one side, so you have a side that you can paint or whitewash or leave plain to show the pattern, and you also have a smooth side that you can adhere paper or fabric to! You can do both to a single element.

What Materials Do You Need?

Tip: Snap Frames can be displayed in both Portrait and Landscape directions. 

It seems natural to have most of the design elements on the Snap Back, but Debbie kept the Snap Back simple between all the seasons. She covered the Snap Back in burlap and then used the wood ‘hello’ from the Hello Design Kit. The only thing she changes between the seasons on the Snap Back is a tag with the name of the season on them she created using Tiny Brackets. If you’re working with fabric, simple adhesives make it so that the elements can easily be swapped out and moved around. If you want a similar effect with paper, you can use repositionable adhesives or velcro. 

So what is Debbie swapping out when the season changes? Her cute Design Mats! She used a different Design Mat to highlight each season. She makes swapping out her seasonal decorations so simple! It’s simply a different Design Mat and Season Tag. It makes decorating as quick as the season changes. They all used the same paper, but they were unique to their season because of the way she used different Designer Templates from her collection.

Tip: When using fabric, you may not want to cover the magnets in the corners. They are strong magnets, and they stay together well when there is paper in between them, but your different fabrics may make it more difficult for the magnets to hold.




Tip: Stems are easy to add. Trace and cut the entire Template so that you have your base. In a different paper, trace and cut just the stem. Layer it on top of the whole shape, and you already know exactly where it goes and where to put the adhesive.


There are so many ways to design a Snap Frame for every season and holiday, and they’re all adorable! Have you created your own seasonal Snap Frames? We’d love to be inspired by you!

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