Make Four Countdown Calendars With A Snap Frame

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Counting The Days

Snap Frames are built to be the perfect seasonal decor with magnetic frames that make it easy to snap new insert designs, layer, and change it up, giving you a variety of ways to use these home decor frames all year long and interchange when you have an itch to do so. From Easter Snap Frames to Christmas Snap Frames (and everything in between), you can keep the fun going all year long! It doesn’t just have to be decoration though! You can make it an interactive calender with just a few alterations. Have a summer vacation you’re looking forward to? Can’t wait to get to Disneyland/Disneyworld? From Holidays to Birthdays, make it that much more exciting by designing your own countdown calendar!

You Will Need...

For this project, you will your basic tools, a Snap Frame and Snap Back of your choice, metal washers, magnets, and a hot glue gun! You can also gather your favorite Designer Templates, paper, and print out the printables we provide below!

Step One: Make It Magnetic

In order to make your countdown numbers both interchangeable and able to stick to the Snap Frame, you will have to make both your numbers and Snap Frame magnetic! To do this, you will need your hot glue, number printable, metal washers, and magnets!

The first part of this step is to make the Snap Back itself magnetic so that the numbers will be able to stick to it. Simply hot glue your metal washers to your Snap Back. When buying metal washers, you want to make sure they are actually magnetic so just bring in a magnet and test if it sticks before buying. You can glue your metal washers all over the Snap Back or right where your numbers will be.

Once you know your Snap Back is able to hold a magnet, it’s time to make sure your numbers will stick! You can buy simple circle magnets, Lindsey thinks they work best, and hot glue them to the numbers one by one. Lindsay notes that if you wanted to save the number of magnets you use, you can put a number on either side of your magnet like a sandwich and just flip it when the date changes. Lindsay inks the edges of her numbers before adding a magnet.

Download The Printables