Holiday DIY Snap Frame

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Snap Frames are so simple and versatile! Creative Partner Lindsay Smith had fun Playing-To-Create this festive Snap Frame. Watch her video to see all the tips and tricks she used to make her design jump off the frame. She was inspired to create this out of the box design. You can create your own with your own Snap Frame with techniques she suggests in the video.

Create Your Own Design Mat

Framing is everything. While the Design Mats available, Window and Bracket, are completely customizable, sometimes you want a different shape. Lindsay made her own shadow box style design mat so that she could have a Christmas tree window. To do this, she traced out an impromptu tree as you would use a Designer Template. She traced, cut, and inked the shape out of the paper she wanted to use, and then she set the paper directly into the Snap Frame. She placed her Design Mat into the frame behind the paper so that it is sturdy and holds its shape.

Oh Christmas Tree

Creating the textured tree is easier than you would think. Since the shape was already created with the top layer of paper, all you have to do is create the pattern you want to show through. Lindsay marked what would show through the tree window she created so she knew how much space to cover on the Snap Back. She didn’t worry about adhering the ribbons and puffballs into the shape of a tree. She simply taped down the strips of ribbon and garland in straight lines. The tree stump was also simple, a single ribbon of brown paper in an accordion fold. As soon as she put the Design Mat over the three-dimensional elements, the tree came to life.

Lindsay was so surprised at how quickly she created this Snap Frame! The entire design came together in under an hour, and it’s absolutely adorable. Plus, it’s reusable. Lindsay points out how the magnetic corners of the Snap Frame make it easy to recreate and swap out the pieces and elements when she switches out her home decor for the season.

How are you Playing-To-Create with the Snap Frames? We’d love to see what you’ve made!