Making a Snap Frame Without a Design Kit

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Here Comes The Sun

Are you in love with snap frames but want to explore the options outside of the Snap Frame Design Kits? This is a perfect chance to get creative and use other crafting supplies you have on hand.

Lindsay loves to design new layouts for her Snap Frame to freshen up her home decor, and this time she wanted to do something fun and bright. She was able to utilize her Rings Accessory set as well as some wood letters she picked up to create a one of a kind ‘here comes the sun’ snap frame. If you want to see how she made it step by step, check out the video below!

Check Out The Video

What You’ll Need:
  • Snap Frame
  • Background paper of your choice
  • Bakers Twine- a good amount of it
  • Tape
  • Quilting Needle
  • Rings Accessory Set
  • Cardboard (8×11 should be good)
  • Letters Word Kit
  • Craft paint of your choice
  • Paper Piercer

Isn’t it stunning? We love how she used the ring 3 to make her sun. It’s a great snap frame for spring or summer, or if you’re not a big fan of fall or winter, keep it in your house to retain some of that summer feeling.

Overall, you can customize this DIY project to fit your own personal taste! That’s the fun about snap frames; no design is final. That, and you can take or add any element of your choice whether that be some of your favorite templates, change out the background, switch the sun out for a flower, use one of our free printables, or use a different phrase (or no phrase at all). The options are endless!

It’s always fun to push your creativity, but for those of us still testing those creative limits, having a Design Kit to play with can boost confidence, encourage creativity, and inspire new ideas, so feel free to play-to-create with one of our Snap Frame Design Kit options (Spoiler: They’re super cute). Stay a bit longer and go through our little slideshow below to see some other ideas! Do you have a favorite design kit? Let us know which one!

Feeling Inspired?

What templates or crafting supplies would you love to use in a snap frame? Tell us all about it! Just finished designing your own snap frame? Share with us on our Play-to-create Facebook page! We want to see!