A Closer Look at The Rejoice Design Kit

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The Perfect Home Decor

If you haven’t had the chance to fall in love with Snap Frames yet, now is the chance too! They are the perfect home decor, easy to personalize, and flexible to the call of the seasons. Autumn Snap Frames, Snap Frames for Fourth Of July, Snap Frames for the baby room or young toddler (Or for Mothers Day), or a festive Snap Frame to match the pillow on your couch. The options are endless! But let’s get specific here. We are about to go into Winter and Winter brings with it the time of rejoicing and Christmas cheer…and a Design Kit perfect for the season.

The Rejoice Design Kit includes the Rejoice designer template, a wood tree cutout, and 3 wood letter cutouts that spell out Joy. Or they could spell out Yo, or O, or OJ, or…well you get the idea. There is a J, an O, and a Y for all your Rejoicing needs. While the Rejoice Design Kit was designed for Snap Frames, but Play to Create and use the pieces for all your crafty projects! Let’s take a look!

A Closer Look At The Rejoice Design Kit

You can choose between a few options when it comes to a Design Mat, and the Window Design Mat does a great job of creating a close look at your design. You can even switch it up and add other templates to your Snap Frame. The Build A Snowman Accessory Set is a perfect addition to your Winter Snap Frame Design and gives a personalized focus to the word ‘Joy’.

Or you can keep it simple and have fun with just The Rejoice Design Kit! You can paint the wood cutouts and add glitter, Embellish with some paper snowflakes or mistletoe, and get creative with the paper you use! The Bracket Design Mat is a great option if you want to add some curves, and if you want to add some texture consider the Herringbone Snap Back.

What Are Your Favorite Design Kits?

Have you got your hands on the Rejoice Design Kit yet? Do you love it? Share what you are creating with us on the Kiwi Lane Community or Play-To-Create Facebook page. What are your favorite Design Kits? Let us know in the comments!

Get Started!

Play to Create your own unique home decor with the combinable frame kits. Pick a snap frame, design mat, snap back, and design kit to create a complete project that you can play with to create decor that is just your style.

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