Pocket Change

I tend to put a little cash in cards I’m sending out for Birthdays, graduations and weddings so when I got my September 2020 Kiwi Club Kit I instantly had the idea of creating cards with the Homegrown (4) pocket template. Take a look and don’t forget to print out the FREE PRINTABLE below.

When I created these cards I used a solid card base with patterned paper that covered the front of the card. 

1. I placed the patterned paper over my computer mouse pad and used a piercing tool to create holes for stitching. You could also use a thumb tack.

2. Using some embroidery thread I stitched the pocket to the card leaving the top open.

3. Once done sewing the pocket on the patterned paper, adhere the patterned paper to the solid card base. This will hide the stitches so you have a clean looking inside to your card.

Free Printable

Would you like to re-create cards just like these made by Shiloh Jorgensen? We’ve attached a FREE PRINTABLE to make the process a little easier for you to create some pocket change cards for all the Birthday Boys, Birthday Girls, Graduates and Happy Couples in your life!

I think EVERYONE you share these cards with is going to love getting a little Pocket Change from you!!

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