Making Gnome Ornaments

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A Fun Christmas Craft For The Family

Around this time of year, it’s always a blast to sit down with your family and create something together. From cooking, playing, or crafting, making something with your own hands, and having a place to remember it, fills the heart with warmth. A fun thing to make with your family around this time of year is ornaments! You can quickly put them together and hang them on the tree for years to come.

The Gnome Templates from the December 2020 kit is a fun option for creating ornaments, as well as the Build A Snowman Accessory Set and the Woodland Creatures Accessory Set. These sets are easy to work with and so quick and simple to make. If you have younger children or grandchildren, it can be a fun Christmas activity to get their hands moving. All you have to do is choose your template set from the options above (or all of them), get some felt, pick up a base for them to work on, and make sure you are in charge of the hot glue and not them! Amy got her wood base from Craft Warehouse, and the felt from Target (she likes her felt on the harder side of the scale instead of the soft side). After you have wrangled all your supplies into one spot, you can sit back and watch them have a blast matching all their pieces together. After they’ve finished you can even pull out some paint and have them press their thumb imprint onto the back of the ornament along with the year and their name. I’m sure it will bring fond memories for years to come!

For your gnome, consider adding some glitter and a tassle to his hat!

The hat is always going to be the statement piece! You can add a buckle, layer felt on top, or add texture!

For the nose, all you have to do is cut off the bottom part of the feet and stick it on.