Make A Mini Album Using The Placemats A la Carte

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Three Ring Mini Album

Love mini-albums? So do we! There are so many ways to go about this project from File Folders, letters, to plain old cardstock! Sandra used the Placemats 4 A la Carte as a base for her Mini Album but you could choose from any of the Placemats, each with its unique shape and design. When Designing, Sandra used a range of Templates for this project from A la Cartes, Tiny Accessories, two Border Sets, and Tiny Borders. When choosing your Designer Templates, it helps to have a theme in mind! For Sandra, she went the summer beach day route.

You Will Need:

For this design, Sandra loved being able to use the new Placemats 4 A la Carte with its fun tabs and long shape. The great thing about this Designer Template is that you can trace and cut the tabs separately, alternating the positions here and there. For the base of each design she traced and cut the Placemats 4 Designer Template on her cardstock to create a strong foundation and then layered her pretty paper on top. She designed both sides of the placemat to save paper. She loved layering the Coastal Highway Border Set with the new Fancy Frills Border Set since the wild waves complemented the subtle waves. If there’s an ocean, there has to be sunny weather! Kiwi Lane offers great sun Designer Templates from the Shine A la Carte to the new Sunny A la Carte that came with the May Kiwi Club Kit. She simply added some layers to her Sun, inked the edges, and adhered everything down! Now she has a fun page to put in her mini album!

For this design, Sandra had fun playing with a tropical theme, using the new Ruffled Edges Tiny Border to add some cloudy weather to her tropical island. Lastly, she added a coconut tree using some brown buttons as embellishments and the My Oasis A la Carte

Sandra brought the Sunny A la Carte back out to play but this time round gave it some personality using the Shades A la Carte from the May Kiwi Club Kit and some Stickles. Sandra suggests using the inner circle of the Rings Accessory Set as a guide when applying Stickles instead of pen or pencil since those tools leave marks behind. For more fun ways to use the Shades A la Carte, check out how Mindy used it on her Summer one-page layout. 

The May 2021 Kiwi Club Kit came with some great sentiment cards perfect for layering on the Designer Templates that came with the kit such as the Shades A la Carte. Simply cut the outer edges of the template and then cut out the inner part as well and you have some trendy pair of glasses. For some beach sand, Sandra used the Breezy Tiny Accessory set and lengthened the bottom out. Then she added the shell from Tiny Seaside Accessory Set. 

Other Mini Album Ideas:

Check Out The Video For A Closer Look!

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