Kid Crafts – Pumpkin Bats

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I have three toddlers, so life can get a little crazy. I’m always looking for ways to keep them busy and to bring out their creative side. They are a little too young to hand over the carving knives, so we went with paint this year!

The key to doing a toddler project is simple: Gather EVERY SINGLE ITEM beforehand. Not during, not after you announce that you will be making a fun project. BEFORE. Preferably, when they are asleep. Trust me – you’ll thank me later.

Gather Your Supplies:

Step 1: Paint Your Pumpkins & Let Dry

They were so excited to wake up and find these pumpkins and paint waiting for them. It was difficult to get those paint shirts on them before we got started. The first step is simple, just paint the pumpkins completely black. There is no wrong way to do that!