How To Make Your Own Easter Tiered Tray

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Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time to brighten up those crafts from deep reds and greens to those pastel colors and Easter crafts! Easter has a lot of iconic symbols for you to work with from eggs, bunnies, and adorable chics. Do you know what that reminds me of? The new Tiny Egg Hunt accessory set! Tiny Egg Hunt has all the pieces to make your own festive Easter basket (or a tiered tray) and It also comes with a doodle sheet to make each of your new bunnies, chicks, and eggs completely unique!

A Closer Look

To get started with this easter craft/decoration, you’re going to need a tiered tray! Tonya got hers from the dollar spot at Target, but if you want, you can grab a normal basket to fill with easter! After you have a tray or basket, you’re going to want to make sure you have the templates suggested above! They are absolutely perfect for Easter crafts! Last but not least, you’re going to want something to fill your basket; Tonya used purple confetti.

The new Tiny Egg Hunt set comes with everything you need to design a perfect easter basket full of all your eggs (and carrots). It also comes with a doodle sheet, which Tonya used to add the details at the bottom of her basket. Not only could you use this for your teir tray, but for a layout also! After you’re done with the basket, don’t forget about your easter bunny! Tonya was able to use this template to make a fun treat holder! By inserting tabs on the back of both bunnies, she was able to create a small basket in between the easter bunnies where you can insert some candy! For a more in-depth look, check out the video!

Spring is the time of new beginnings! And that includes all the hatching chicks! Using the templates, Tonya was able to make a cute hatching chick alongside a truck delivering easter eggs. The truck also used the A la Carte Pickup which ended up blending in perfectly!

After you’re done filling your teir tray full of everything easter, you should consider decorating the outside of the basket using a banner! This banner was included in the recent January Kiwi Club Kit, so if you’re not a member you should consider signing up to get access to exclusive paper and templates or you can personalize it to get only templates!

Don't Have Tiny Egg Hunt? Get It Before Easter!

Welcome Spring with this adorable Tiny Accessory Set. Tiny Egg Hunt has all the pieces to make your own festive Easter basket. It also comes with a doodle sheet to make each of your new bunnies, chicks, and eggs completely unique.
Check Out The Video!

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