How To Make Spring Flower Magnets

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Do It Yourself!

So it seems as if I never have enough magnets to hold everything that I need on my refrigerator. And the ones that do end up there aren’t always the cutest things. Just the other day I decided that it was time to create some magnets of my own! They would be useful, adorable and the project sounded like a really fun way to use my Designer Templates for something other than scrapbooking or card making. 

What You Will Need:


To create these magnets, I decided to use the paper from our Greetings Kwik Card Kit. But since we don’t offer that Card Kit any more, you can try our Oh Happy Day Double Kwick Card Kit alongside the numerous free printables we offer, or just scraps you have on hand.

Designer Templates


Other than the paper of your choice and the suggested Designer Templates, you will need magnets and clothespins. You can get these from any crafting store, Walmart, or Amazon, same with the clothespins.

How To Make Them Step By Step:

For most of the magnets, I just cut out my favorite Springtime Designer Templates and added some fun buttons and embellishments to the center. Once I was done designing, I simply used a glue gun and attached two magnets to the clothespin and then the clothespin to the paper…and then the new and improved magnet to the fridge!

You Make Me Smile Magnet:

The ‘You Make Me Smile’ Magnet took a bit more steps than the other magnets, but it’s not complicated at all!

First Step- Trace and Cut

First, trace and cut out the Springtime 1 and 6 Designer Templates and adhere them together. This will be your base. Then to create the center, I pulled from my Tiny Shapes set. I just traced the Tiny Shapes 7T Designer Template onto my paper and cut it out. Next, I traced Tiny Shapes 3T onto the first circle that I cut out.

Second Step- Trim

Now, with a sharp pair of scissors, snip into the edge of the whole circle, just up to the line, and then fold back the edges. This will make it easier to trim. To help add a fun texture to this edge, I used a pair of pinking shears to cut around the circle. You can use any shape scissors that you may have on hand. This type of project is a great way to use them!

Step Three- Add A Center

I went ahead and pulled the “You Make Me Smile” wording from my Kwik Card Kit to fill the center of my circle and it turned out super cute, but you don’t need to do something this big or bold in the center of your magnets. You can create something smaller by just using a brad or button as I did with my other magnets; I did a bit of both for my collection. If you don’t like any of the sentiments you find in the Kiwick Card Kits, Free Printables, or your own scraps, you can try layering more flowers on it using Tiny Springtime, Tiny Accents, or Tiny Floral, and then top it off with a button! This will give it a fun 3D look. You can even make a pinwheel center using the Celebrate Accessory Set similar to what Susan did in this video. 

And that's it! Does this sound fun to you? Let us know in the comments!

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