How To Make Spring Flower Magnets

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Do It Yourself!

So it seems as if I never have enough magnets to hold everything that I need on my refrigerator. And the ones that do end up there aren’t always the cutest things. Just the other day I decided that it was time to create some magnets of my own! They would be useful, adorable and the project sounded like a really fun way to use my Designer Templates for something other than scrapbooking or card making. 

What You Will Need:


To create these magnets, I decided to use the paper from our Greetings Kwik Card Kit. But since we don’t offer that Card Kit any more, you can try our Oh Happy Day Double Kwick Card Kit alongside the numerous free printables we offer, or just scraps you have on hand.

Designer Templates


Other than the paper of your choice and the suggested Designer Templates, you will need magnets and clothespins. You can get these from any crafting store, Walmart, or Amazon, same with the clothespins.

How To Make Them Step By Step:

For most of the magnets, I just cut out my favorite Springtime Designer Templates and added some fun buttons and embellishments to the center. Once I was done designing, I simply used a glue gun and attached two magnets to the clothespin and then the clothespin to the paper…and then the new and improved magnet to the fridge!