How To Make Paper Flowers

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Paper Perennial Flowers

Need a colorful yet subtle addition to fill in that gap in your seasonal decorations? With just a handful of tools, Designer Templates, and some paper of your choice, you can give a lasting perennial touch to any table, buffet, or mantle in your house. From Summer to Winter, these fun paper flowers can be used in combination with your Snap Frames or tiered tray decorations.

Templates & Paper:
Assembling The Vase

To start this project, you’re going to want to pick some Designer Templates that will fill your small vases (Which Susan got from Target and Hobby Lobby). As you can see, these choices can be influenced by your mood or the time of year! Susan loved using both the Hello Designer Templates from the Snap Frame Design Kit as well as the Fall Designer Templates from the Fall Snap Frame Design Kit. If you are using a smaller vase as Susan did, keep in mind that you have limited space. Once you have decided on your Designer Templates, it’s time to have fun! Trace and cut these flowers out on paper of your choice (Susan used paper from the Snap Frame Design Kits so that they would match her Snap Frame decorations) ink them, and start bringing them to life! To add more volume to the shapes of these flowers, Susan scrunched them up and added layers to some of them. You could even add centers using beads, buttons, or brads! She also loved adding some leaf embellishments here and there. For the stem of the flower, you will need some padded wire and hot glue. Make sure to eye the length of the wire so that it will fit in the vase and then you simply attach the wire to the back of the flower using the hot glue.

But it doesn’t always have to be flowers! Using the Fall Design Kit, Susan created a fall-themed vase using leaves! She simply played around and layered the leaves on top of each other until they resembled flowers and then added centers and companion flowers to give it that extra autumn touch.

Other Ideas:

Don’t know what to pair these beautiful table decorations with? We have you covered! You can pair your Autumn vase with a Snap Frame and/or a Felt bouquet and place it on a buffet or mantle in the house. For a more spring-centered vase, you can pair it with Spring Snap Frames  and/or this fun Easter Tiered Tray

Browse The Design kits

The Snap Frame Design Kits are perfect for this kind of craft! These paper flowers pair perfectly with Snap Frames, so any leftover scraps from these Design Kits can be used to make these fun paper flowers (and now you have something that coordinates with your seasonal Snap Frame)

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