How To Make A File Folder Album

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Travel Down Memory Lane With A File Folder

If you haven’t been introduced to File Folder Albums then now is the time! This craft is a fun, compact way to fit a lot of photos in a little but beautifully personalized space. You can give them as gifts like Tonya did with her Winter Envelope Folio album or you can keep them like you would with your scrapbook albums. You could even give them a theme! Susan and her daughter, Abigail, decided to make a file folder album for every trip they go on (So far, they have made three) but you could do something different! Every time you move, you can document some of your favorite memories or restaurants, etc.  How long have you and your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend been together? Track the time using this file folder album! Do you attend annual family reunions? Make a file folder and use those pictures! How do you make it, you ask? Keep scrolling!

How To Make It- Part One

For this project, all you will need is 1-3 file folders, some scissors, adhesive, and Templates of your choice! You will also need some paper and embellishments for the designing part of this project. Let’s start playing!

When choosing your file folder, keep in mind that the tabs on the side of the folder will show on the cover of your album, so you want to decide where you want that tab to be whether that be the top, middle, or bottom. We chose the top tab file folder because we liked the way it looked. Once you have decided, open up the file folder of your choice and then fold it up about a quarter of the way to create a pocket.