How To Make A Compact Folio Album

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The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Gift-giving can be hard but it doesn’t have to be! Using junk mail envelopes (we all have it), you can create a beautiful folio to give as a memory-filled gift! This is a great way to recycle and be creative at the same time! And with an added surprise envelope, you can include a gift card for the recipient. It’s that easy! Ready to get started? Let’s have a look!

How To Build It

For this simple craft, all you’ll need is two junk mail envelopes and a notecard envelope. Once you have that, the rest is up to you! You can grab your favorite paper, sequins, gel pens, sentiment card, glitter, ribbon, etc. Have fun with it!

To start off, you’re going to take your two-letter envelopes, flap-up, and stack the straight side of one against the lip of the other and glue it down. Take note that when you do this you don’t want to glue it any farther than the lip! If you do, you will end up closing off the pocket, and you’re going to want access to that pocket later!

After you’ve finished with your letter envelopes, go ahead and grab your notecard envelope. Open up the lip and slide it into the pocket of the right envelope and glue it to the upper body of the envelope (If you glue it to the under side, you won’t be able to slide things in and out). This will create another, smaller pocket for you to work with later!

Time To Design!

Once you’re ready to design, make sure to pull out all your favorite gadgets and paper! For her folio album, Tonya used her December Kiwi Club Kit, which turned out beautiful! The exclusive gnome-centered designer templates were a fun touch as well as the quirky sentiment cards that came with the kit. With just the two envelopes and the notecard envelope, she was able to fit 12 3×4 photos AND a secret surprise! What is this secret surprise you ask? Well if you were opt-in for the smaller note card envelope you can slide in a gift card instead of a photo. For more details on what Tonya used to design her folio album, check out the video!

You may be wondering how she was able to fit 12 3×4 photos into this compact album, so here’s the answer; pockets! Because you’re dealing with envelopes, you’re going to have automatic pockets that you can slide things in and out of. If you use your Photo Set to map out your photos, you can easily and accurately use both sides of the two pull-outs for photos! Once you’ve finished designing, find some of your favorite ribbon and tie it up!

Tip: If you glue the ribbon to the back of the album it won’t fall off when you untie it.

What kind of gift cards do you love to give and receive? Let us know in the comments!

Make Room For Your Photos!

The Photo Set and Photo Mats are perfect for accurately visualizing the space needed for your photos as well as framing them so that they pop out! And for crafts that have little space to work with, these sets do the trick!
Check Out The Video!

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