Homemade Ornaments

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Last year my daughter Clara and I decided it would be fun to make up some Christmas ornaments using Designer Templates. We started out with the idea of making them out of fabric and some cotton batting. They were fairly simple to make and turned out cute.

kiwi ornaments

Supplies Needed For Stuffed Ornaments:

Designer Templates


Cotton batting

Hot glue gun


Pencil or fabric marker


  1. Select fabric and the Designer Template you want to use.
  2. Lay your chosen Template onto the fabric leaving room next to it for another of the same shape. Then trace around it with a pencil or marker.making fabric ornaments
  3. Once you have traced the shape once, simply fold the fabric over and then cut out the shape. This will give you 2 of the same shape to use for your ornament ( I used pinking sheers).
  4. Make sure the 2 peices of fabric are straight on top of each other with the patterns that you want showing facing outward on both sides.
  5. Using a glue gun, glue the edges of the two sides together — but only half way! This creates a pocket for your cotton.
  6. Stuff the bottom of the shape with cotton.ornaments
  7. Then glue the remaining edges except for a small section and finish filling.
  8. Glue the remaining section together to seal up the ornament.
  9. NOTE: If you plan ahead and add a ribbon to the last section that you glue together, you can tuck the ends of your ribbon inside of your ornament. If not, you can glue a ribbon to the outside of the ornament or use a metal hanger.
  10. Decorate the front with cute paper, buttons or other fabric embellishments.

This year we wanted to make more ornaments but this time we decided to make them a bit differently so that we could make more of them in a shorter amount of time. We simply used fabric and chipboard to create a few more for our tree. These ones were super easy to make and turned out darling! Here is how we made them.

Supplies Needed For Chipboard Ornaments:

  • Designer Templates
  • Fabric
  • Chipboard – You can find this at a craft store or use the piece that comes in a Kiwi Lane Paper Kit
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or fabric marker


  1. Select your Designer Templates and fabric.
  2. Trace and cut out your main shape from the chipboard.chipboard ornaments
  3. Then using the spray adhesive attach a square of fabric over the top of the chipboard shape.chipboard
  4. Then use your scissors to trim the fabric around the edge of the chipboard.mitten
  5. Decorate the top with other fabric shapes using your Designer Templates, and add buttons, and any other cute bits you have.
  6. Hot glue a ribbon or twine to the back so you have a hanger for your ornament. And just like that you’re done!

star, candy cane, ornament



Designer Templates Used:

Bell: Tiny Traditions 5T & Tiny Accents 3T

Candy Cane: Tiny Traditions 2T

Mitten: Tiny Traditions 3T ( I just cut out an extra fabric top so I had the 2 colors)

Ornament: Tiny Holiday 6T & Tiny Accents 3T

Poinsettia: Tiny Holiday 7T – I bent the chipboard a bit so that the petals had a bit of shape to them

Star: Adventure 2 & Tiny Accents 3T

I have to say it’s really fun coming up with new ways to use the Designer Templates! If you decide to make any ornaments or other holiday crafts make sure to share them below! It is always an inspiration to see what others create!

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