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Hi, Shiloh here. I have been working on some prizes for the Halloween party that my husband and I are having this Friday. I needed some prize ribbon tags for our costume contest so I used the Accents Accessory Set to create them. First I cut out the Accent #4 from a cute patterned paper. Then I placed a folded paper circle on top. To create the circle, cut 1″ or larger strip out. Then do a small accordion fold along the length of the piece. Once it is folded, adhere the to ends together so you have a circle. Cut a small circle or square that will fit behind the accordion circle to create a backing. Add hot glue to the paper backing and push the accordion circle (from the middle) down to create the final circle.

Once that is made and added to the top of the Accent piece add your tag on top. To create a more ribbon effect try using Tags 1 accessory piece and some coordinating paper. 

Best Couple Winners
Best Costume Winner

Tag Gift-Card Holders:

Gift Card Holders

The other things I made up were these simple tag gift-card holders. All you need to do to create these are some patterned paper and one of the larger tags from the Tags Accessory Set, plus whatever you want to decorate the outside with.

Place the tag of your choice on your patterned paper, extend the size of the tag by tracing the tag a few inches the edge of the paper (that way you have the length to fold it). Once the top is traced, just slide the tag down so you have a straight edge to finish tracing the extra length. Once you have the tag cut, simply fold over the bottom few inches and  hot glue the inside edge on each side to create a pocket. Decorate with whatever Tiny Accessory sets that fit the theme you are going for.

Halloween Gift Tag-Card Holders

Try using decorative edge scissors to add another cute touch to these prizes.  

Hope you have fun creating your own Halloween Party Prizes.