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Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags

It’s Time To Say “THANK YOU”

National Teacher Appreciation Day, is coming! This important day takes place during Teacher Appreciation Week which happens all week long.

Hi guys Jen Budge here. I grew up having a Mom for a teacher. In fact she’s still a 1st grade teacher in Las Vegas after all of these years. I also grew up pretending I was a teacher when I was little, by setting up my playroom like a classroom, and as I got older I volunteered in my mom’s real classroom. The one thing I will always remember is how much work being a teacher is. From grading papers to testing, a teachers job is never done. But that’s not the real job… the real job is that they affect our children’s lives on a daily basis. They are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated and understanding professionals that mold our children’s lives in a positive direction. These teachers definitely deserve BIG THANKS from us throughout the school year but especially during Teacher Appreciation Week which is why I created the following gifts for my son’s 1st grade teacher for this next week.

Designer Templates Used: Tags (4,5) Elements (3,4) Floral (1) Nature (6) Tiny Shapes (7T) Tiny Tags (1T)

Super Simple Gifts

I wanted these Teacher Appreciation Gifts to be nice, but let’s face it, time is something we all wish we had more of so I wanted to make sure these gifts were things that I could actually accomplish and get completed quickly. I chose gifts that I could easily pick up at the local store. Most of which I grabbed while grocery shopping for my weekly groceries.

Free Printable

To make putting these gifts together even easier, we created this FREE TEACHER APPRECIATION PRINTABLE for you to print out and attach easily to your gifts. You can simply cut out the three tag shaped sayings and as for the other three, pull out your Designer Templates and Play to Create to see which template shape you like best. This is also a great project for pulling from your paper stash! I happened to have this Jillibean Happy Camper Stew paper. It worked perfectly for the colors on our Printable (totally not planned) and I loved how the addition of it added to the gifts. Lastly just trace and cut them out and finish them all off by inking.

My Hope

Like I said, these were Super Simple Teacher Appreciation gifts to put together thanks to the Free Teacher Appreciation Printable and my Kiwi Lane Designer Template Sets. I hope that these small gifts brighten my child’s teacher’s face each day next week. After all we truly appreciate everything she does for our child and all of the children she teaches.

It’s Been Quite A Treat

You may have noticed there are two of the “It’s Been Quite A Treat To Be In Your Class This Year” tags. I actually ended up printing out 2 more of these tags so I had 1 for my sons teacher and 3 extras to give his Spanish, Music & P.E. teachers during the week. After all, there are many teachers that are forgotten that we want to make sure we remember this next week. That goes for Title One teachers, Speech Therapists & any and all teachers that work with your children.

Thanks for helping me grow

Did you have a teacher that made a big impact on your life or on your child’s?

Tell us about him or her in the comments.

Jen Budge