Autumn Gift Ideas

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Baked Goodness

When Autumn comes around, so do the baked good cravings. Here at Kiwi Lane, we appreciate a good slice of pumpkin bread or a bowl full of caramel popcorn. We also love SHARING. So make some of that famous Zucchini bread, pumpkin muffins, crumble cake, rolls, or jam and gift it to someone else! We’ve provided a free printable below to help get you started!

Fall Baking Printable

You can print out this printable and use it for baked good gifts, teacher gifts, or simple gratitude gifts!

When creating these gifts, try using one of our tags as a foundation to work off of. And once you finished, grab some raffia ribbon and add it to a deep foil pan full to the brim with yummy goodness!

We loved using Captions to trace out some of our favorite sayings. (You don’t always have to use this template for journaling). You can trace it out and color it in and then slip it onto your favorite bread recipe or tie it off with some raffia ribbon!

We also had so much fun using the paper and templates provided by the October kiwi club kit. The warm paper and tree templates went great with our baked good vibes. When creating these gifts, you can also use our Autumn Accessory set to accessorize your baked goods.