How To Make Your Own Pick Me Up Quotes

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Happy New Year!

With the new year finally here it’s time to drag yourself out from hibernation and get inspired! If you are one to print out quotes and put them on your mirror or vision board for some daily inspiration, then this craft is for you! We all know how hard it can be to keep up with life and sometimes you just need a pick-me-up; a voice that tells you to keep going and to keep trying no matter how hard it gets. What better way to get inspired to keep going than to make your own pick-me-ups? Here’s how to get started.


For the base of her pick-me-up, Amy used the Banners Fun Border and she just trimmed it down to 8-inches. Once you have your base, you can start to design! You can use whatever templates call to you, but this may be a great time to use your January Kiwi Club Kit templates! Amy loved using the banner from that kit to frame the words ‘I Am Brave’ across two of the pick-me-ups. Once you’ve finished designing and adding some fun sayings, you can tape it to your mirror or pin it to your vision board!

If you decide to use the printable we’ve provided below for some fun and optimistic sayings, let it be known that the Expressions Accessory Set and the Captions Accessory set work perfectly with the printable. They are a great way to add fun elements to the saying as well as some shape around the edges.

An Optimistic Printable

Need some inspiration for the New Year? This printable is full of some pick me up sayings and optimistic colors to help you set and keep goals and to stay enthusiastic!

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