DIY Treats For St. Patricks Day

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Don’t Get Pinched!

March 17th is a day celebrating the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, but for kids, it’s all about who gets pinched! Celebrate this fun occasion with them by creating this skittle treat using a Designer Template of your choice and the free printable provided below!

Template Suggestions:
Trace And Cut

When you decide on what Designer Template to use, you’re going to want to trace it on the top first, flip it down, and then trace again but connect the bottoms! Then you’re going to cut it out and fold it in the middle! For a closer look at how to do this, check out the video at the 5:45 mark. We’ve designed the printable so that you can slide the skittles (Rainbow seeds) in between the two sides of the card. Make sure to use tape to secure the skittles to the card!

Four-Leaf Clover

It’s your lucky day! You can build this four-leaf clover by using the heart from inside of the Love At Home A la Carte as the individual leaves. Then fold the hearts and line them up, but make sure when you’re adhering it to adhere only one half of the heart so that it comes to life. You can also add some gold chenille stems to give it the last magical touch (Maybe a leprechaun will come to snatch it up) and tie the two sides of the packets togethor!

Skittle Printable

Enjoy this colorful printable! Perfect for a skittle packet (Or in other words, rainbow seeds). Seal the deal with a funny joke that you’ll be hearing from your kids/grandkids for the next couple of weeks. Let the shenanigans begin!

How do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

For A Closer Look At How Mindy Made This Treat, Check Out The Video!

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