DIY Christmas Ornaments

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A Grain of Sugar

We all know that this year has had its downs, and instead of taking it with a grain of salt, maybe consider taking it with a grain of sugar. It’s ok to add a little humor to your new Christmas traditions, and Kiwi Lane has created the perfect printable to fill that job. You can get the printable Amy used to make the following ornaments by placing an order in the month of December. After you placed an order, you’ll receive the Gift Giving Guide at the checkout! These printables are full of light-hearted sayings referring to the crazy events that have transformed your Holiday season as well as simple and sweet sentiments. You can use them for Neighbor gifts or on your own Christmas tree. Whatever you use it for, we hope you have a smile this Holiday season!

This one will have you laughing for a good while with the saying ‘The jolliest bunch of nutjobs stuck in quarantine”, and if you want to run with the saying, you can use The Woodland Creatures Accessory set and Autumn Accessory set to set the nutjob tone. With this saying, you can honestly just pick a word and play with it. Picked the work ‘Jolliest’? Put a Santa hat on it and call it good. You will want a base to build off, so we chose the Hallmark a la carte as a platform for our squirrel and acorn. But you could use any template that gets you smiling!

With a simple and heartfelt Merry Christmas saying, this ornament is a perfect neighbor gift to help you send your season greetings. You can send more warm wishes by using the Love at Home a la carte and maybe some glitter. There’s always room for glitter.

Want to add some Christmas spirit to the COVID disposition? So do we! Nothing screams Christmas more than a Santa hat, so slap a Santa hat on it, shape it like an ornament, and call it Christmas.

We are in love with the new Build A Snowman Accessory Set. You can add them to your layouts, cards, and your…ornaments! Pair it with the Ornament a la carte and it’s just adorable. For the back, you can use the Hallmark a la carte, Vintage, or the Accents Accessory set. Once your finished, add some enamel dots and your favorite embellishments and put it on the tree!