Create Anything and Everything

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For Kiwi Lane’s 12th Birthday, we issued 12 creating challenges to the Community. We’ll link you to the blog posts for the other challenges at the end of this post if you’re looking for more inspiration. Challenge #9 was the broadest challenge yet.

There are so many forms of creation. Create something of your choice and share your creation with us so that we can celebrate with you in your accomplishment. But what is considered a creation? A creation is anything that did not exist before, and as the Creator you are, you brought it into existence! If you created something, we want to see it and celebrate it! This can be a craft, layout, card, treat, sewing, art, etc.

Your entries to this challenge were astounding! Check out all the posts on the event page on Facebook. There were so many inspirational creations, from gorgeous layouts to gorgeous memories in the making.

These creations are only a taste of what all of you amazing Creators Played-To-Create.

Maureen Blanchard Garcia shared her hobby of painted book stacks, which are an adorable home decor idea!

Kristen Lawson is getting ready for Fall with her seasonal Autumn Snap Frame.

Stitch by Stitch

Jackie Fawcett Myers’ cross stitch makes us want to go to the beach!