Birthday Mini File Folder Album

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When you plan to live a long life, scrapbooking birthday memories can start to look the same. This birthday mini file folder album is not only a great way to renew that birthday energy, but also a great birthday gift!

You don’t have to limit yourself to just a birthday version though! If you search ‘file folder’ or ‘file folder mini album’ into the big expanse called the internet you’re going to see a lot of fun and creative twists on this crafty idea. You may have seen this file folder album idea in a recent project that Susan did with her daughter Abigail to help her record her traveling memories. If you want to play with this craft yourself, check out this tutorial on our youtube channel. If you want some sentiment cards and cute sayings to get yourself started we’ve provided you with a fun printable below that you can download and play with!



The Steps

The first step is to design the album. For this specific version, you’re going to take a file folder and cut it down to six inches (if you want the file tab to be in your design cut around it).

The second step is to cover the pages. You are going to cut six inch strips of some of your favorite paper and then cover each piece of the file folder with it, starting with the cover. Susan recommends using double sided adhesive tape to stick your paper to your mini albums since this craft will use more handling.

Keep in mind that if you want to add interactive elements like flip Tags, flip Brackets, or even a Vintage a la carte, you will want to do it before you lay down the paper.

After you have added interactive elements and put down your paper, the third step is to decorate! Tiny Celebrate or Celebrate is always a fun accessory set to utilize for birthday anything. In general, when working on your own file folder mini album you’re going to want to consider Tiny Borders and Tiny Accessories just because of the size.

The fourth step is to add any of your pictures and journal entries just to give it that personal story-telling touch.

Fun Tip

You can use Cedar Trails, Scallops, or any Fun Borders to make fun trims on your file folder album edges.

Other Ideas

There are so many designs and styles when it comes to this file folder mini album project. You can find some more ideas on our youtube channel and even more associated with Kiwi Lane customers. Feeling inspired yet? Great! Sit down, play to create with some of your own file folders and share it with us on our facebook group. We love seeing what ideas you can come up with! Just for some more inspiration, here are some more ideas to get you started.

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