Back to School Gifts

Teacher Gift Ideas
Teacher Gift Ideas

So with summer coming to a close, I can’t help but start thinking about the fact that school is about to start again! And it has become a sort of tradition to send a fun, back to school gift to our teachers who work so hard!


In this post I want to share a few fun and easy, back to school teacher ideas that you can use! I created all of these using the included FREE printable gift tags.

I was really going for simple gift ideas here, because getting ready for school is already a busy time! Each of these projects should only take minutes to complete.

Excited to grow with you

PROJECT 1: Excited to grow with you this year.

This one is cute and simple. You will just need some EOS lip Balm, your paper of choice for the leaf, a small twig about 1 ½” tall, a hot glue gun (I used a low temp glue gun), and the FREE Printable Tag for the project.

First, I cut a leaf using the Autumn #1 Designer Template.

Then I used the same Designer Template to make another leaf – this time clipping the end of the leaf off. Once that was done I inked it and adhered it to the top of the green leaf that you see in the main picture.

After preparing the leaf, go ahead and hot glue the twig to the top of the lip balm container

Take the leaf and wrap the stem portion around the twig and apply some more hot glue to keep it in place…and you’re done!

Hugs Jar - Back to School Teacher Gift

Project 2: Hugs Jar

Fill a small mason jar with Hershey’s Hugs. Use a Designer Template to trace and cut around the “Teachers need hugs” FREE Printable Tag. I used the Springtime #4 Designer Template for mine. I cut a 1” strip of colorful paper to go around the middle of the jar to add a bit of color under the tag. I used glue dots to adhere both the tag and the strip to the jar but a hot glue gun would work just as well.

To finish the project off I used the Tiny Shapes #3T Designer Template to create a paper circle to go on the lid. Just something bright and fun to dress the jar up a bit more.

Chill Pills - Teacher Gift

Project 3: Chill Pill Jar

The Chill Pill jar was pretty much the same.

I used the Tiny Shapes #7T template to trace and cut the gift tag and selected a second shape to go under it for a fun pop of color and pattern. I used the Elements #6 Designer Template on mine but you can use anything you want for yours. For another layer, I also added a 1” strip under it. And once again I finished it off with a paper circle under the lid. You can find the Chill Pill FREE Printable Here.

With you in Charge

Project 4: “With You in Charge”

The last project I made up was the “with your in charge” gift idea. I picked up a charger from a local discount store for a few dollars and then simply cut the FREE Printable Gift Tag out using the Tiny Tags #6T Designer Template. I then added a bit of ribbon before using a glue dot to attach it to the gift.

I hope this gives you some fun and simple ideas for the upcoming school year!

Do you have some favorite ideas that you can share? Please do so in the comments section below!

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  1. Those are such great gifts for our hard working teachers. Also don’t forget the poor teacher assistants… my daughter is one and she loves her job working with the special needs kids. Shiloh you are so creative…. My favorite is the Chill Pill jar!!!! LOL

  2. Adorable ideas!!! Wish they were 3 weeks earlier! My kids started the 1st of August so we have been mode for a while. Will be saving these for next year, though! Love being able to use my templates for more than just cards and scrapbook pages. Please keep ideas like this coming!