Back to School Gifts

Teacher Gift Ideas
Teacher Gift Ideas

So with summer coming to a close, I can’t help but start thinking about the fact that school is about to start again! And it has become a sort of tradition to send a fun, back to school gift to our teachers who work so hard!


In this post I want to share a few fun and easy, back to school teacher ideas that you can use! I created all of these using the included FREE printable gift tags.

I was really going for simple gift ideas here, because getting ready for school is already a busy time! Each of these projects should only take minutes to complete.

Excited to grow with you

PROJECT 1: Excited to grow with you this year.

This one is cute and simple. You will just need some EOS lip Balm, your paper of choice for the leaf, a small twig about 1 ½” tall, a hot glue gun (I used a low temp glue gun), and the FREE Printable Tag for the project.

First, I cut a leaf using the Autumn #1 Designer Template.