5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas That You Can Create At Home

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My Mom and I

Mother’s day is about celebrating that unique relationship between you and your mom, spending some time together, and making memories!  We have 5 mothers day gift ideas that you can create with your mom, give to her, or remember with her! Or in other words, the perfect way to spend Mothers day!

Make Her A Card

There’s nothing like a homemade card! You can slip a gift card to her favorite place inside using the Homegrown 4 Designer Template from the September 2020 Kiwi Club kit like Shiloh did with her cards. Need a printable to go on the pocket? Here’s a great Mothers Day Printable you can use.  If you want more curves on your card, you can even try making this teacher’s day card that Amy made. With just a few adjustments, it can be the perfect Mother’s day card! For more card ideas check out this post.

Take Her On A Trip Down Memory Lane

Motherhood can go by in a flash, and there’s nothing as appreciated as taking some time to slow down and appreciate the journey taken! Consider making your mom an album marking the beginning of her Mother journey to the present time! You can do that with a file folder album, mini file folder, or paper folio album! Simply find some pictures to use and thoughts to write down on some journal spots that she can tug out here and there! If you have videos, you could even print out a QR code to put in her album. She can then scan the code with her phone and watch the videos!

Gift or Make A Snap Frame

For this gift, you can either make her a Snap Frame or gift it and watch her make it herself! If you’re unsure of what she’ll like, just go ahead and make it with her and watch what she does for later reference. A good place to start is the Simple Things Design Kit.  For some designing ideas, check out this Mothers Day Snap Frame. (Includes a mother printable)

Update Her Recipe Book

Is your mom a fan of cooking? Then this is the perfect gift! Pull out her stained recipe cards and give them a colorful twist by updating her recipe book. All you need is a binder, some paper, and some bright 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock to design on as well as page protectors so that there are no more chances of staining! Then you just print out a new version of her recipes and liven them up with some paper and embellishments! You can check out this post for some page-by-page examples and design suggestions.

Make Her A Basket Full Of Goodies

Consider getting her a basket full of all her favorite things! You can try these buckets full of sunshine or even these baker-centered gifts. If you need a Mothers day printable to get your point across, try this one! She’s sure to have a big smile on her face! Want to add another layer? If your mom likes a good puzzle, make her solve clues to find it! After you’ve got her to hunt down her basket of goodies, you can even set aside some time to make some treats together! You guys can make some baskets full of sunshine for some of your friends, grandmothers, or In-laws and turn it into a fun Mothers Day service project.

Did you try one of these out? Let us know in the comments! Which of these gifts would you like to receive?

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