3 Fun DIY Valentine Craft Ideas

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Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentines Day is all about celebrating the people you love and the relationships you hold close to your heart! Whether that be a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even your kids! You shouldn’t feel the need to be exclusive about who you celebrate with or worse, unqualified to celebrate if you don’t attain a certain relationship status! These three Valentine craft ides can be used as gifts for your loved ones or projects you can create with them! Kids will love to give these to their friends, and your special someone is sure to appreciate it!

Cupids Arrows

For this craft, all you need is some felt, pixie sticks, the Tiny Charmed Accessory Set, and the Sweetheart Accessory Set (which is retired, so if you don’t have that you can try the Heart 2 Heart A la Carte or the small heart in Tiny Charmed). Simply trace the templates out on the felt of your choice, cut out, and then trim into the Tiny Charmed 6T Designer Template so that it looks like the edge of the arrow! Then hot glue both pieces on to either end! That easy!


Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun pass time, and if you have younger children, a much-needed distraction! Make it fun by giving it a theme! For this game, we cut the board out of some bright red felt, four strips out of white felt, and then 10 heart pieces- 5 pieces per team (different colors)- from the Tiny Charmed Accessory set. Once you have the pieces, hot glue the strips to the board and keep some zip-lock bags for the pieces.


Once all your supplies are assembled, it’s time to put them together! This is a fun craft you can do with the kids, and a great treat to give away to that love interest of yours! All you need is some Hershey kisses (preferably ones bought around valentines