Become a Creative Partner

30% Commission

We are passionate about connecting and partnering with individuals who share our desire to inspire others to live more playful, creative and connected lives. As you play with Kiwi Lane products and share them with others, you will earn 30% on your own purchases as well as the purchases of those who you introduce to Kiwi Lane.

To help you stay focused on Playing and Sharing, we here at home office focus on providing information, resources, training and motivation to all of our Creative Partners to empower and support them in achieving their personal goals. And we work hard to nurture an open community that is centered around ‘one team’ thinking.

What Does A Creative Partner Do?

They CONNECT with people to inspire others to be more playful and creative in their everyday lives. They SHARE their passion for creativity and show others how Kiwi Lane products are simple, cute, useful, and meaningful. They supply others with CREATIVE EXPERIENCES that leave them feeling happy, fulfilled and connected — to themselves, and to others. They do this in several different ways:


Creative Partners Get-Together with others...


This gives them the opportunity to teach others how to Play-to-Create and help them discover the endless design possibilities Kiwi Lane products can inspire.


Creative Partners provide opportunities for others to create...


They choose a creative project that highlights Kiwi Lane products, set up a time and place to create (online or in-person), then connect for a hands-on, creative experience!


Creative Partners engage in our online community...


As a Creative Partner, you’ll be part of a strong community that shares our passion for playing, creating, and connecting. This is an incredible place for you to make lifelong friendships and both give and receive support, encouragement, and inspiration.

Why Partner with Kiwi Lane?

Simple Compensation

No complicated commission structure. Just a generous 30% commission from the start!

No Inventory

There’s no inventory to stash in a closet. Products can be shipped directly to customers.

Free Product

Earn 20% back in Product Points on each New Customer’s first, qualifying order.

Customer Specials

Kiwi Rewards, Referral Share Program and other Customer offers paid for by the company.

Earn Rewards

Earn free products, cash rewards, and even fun trips on top of your commission!

Products That Inspire

With quarterly releases, and our monthly Kiwi Club, there's always something new to inspire!

Share Kiwi Your Way

We believe strongly in allowing others to be CREATIVE as they PARTNER with us. We want you to make this work for you. You’re in charge of your schedule and can fit your strategy for sharing Kiwi Lane with others around another job, or your family commitments. Whether you are a working mom, or a full time creator, this fun, flexible, partnership will allow you to find joy as you share something that is simple, fun, useful and meaningful with others. The rest of your Kiwi Lane Team will be there to cheer you on and celebrate with you as you achieve success…your way.

How Do I Get Started?

There is no starter kit for you to purchase, just a monthly fee to cover the website, marketing and management tools we provide to support you in your Kiwi Lane Partnership.

$17.95 / Monthly

What's Included?

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