Give Us a Try. There are Endless Possibilities!

What is a Card Making Sampler Set? Our Sampler Set is a collection of Designer Templates that allow you to Give Us a Try at a fraction of the cost! We chose a tiny border here and a tiny accessory there and built a set with you in mind! This set is curated for card making, but the Designer Templates can be combined with any of our other Designer Templates or paper or materials to add play to any project. Put our Patented Play to Create System to the test with these universal Designer Templates and see how simple it is to create something you love.

One Set…Limitless Designs…

This sampler set is only the beginning of endless designs. Create sentimental handmade cards. Change up the papers you use to make each card unique! Place your Designer Templates in countless arrangements to highlight your memories. This sampler set is a taste of all you can do with Designer Templates.

Step 1: Design

Our Designer Templates allow you to visualize the different design options before you cut into anything, which will free you up to play your way to creativity!

Step 2: Trace

Once you have designed your layout in templates, and you’re happy with what you see, simply trace each element of your design onto your coordinating paper.

Step 3: Cut

Once you’ve finished tracing it’s time to cut out your element with a pair of scissors. No machines, special tools, or professional cutting skills needed!

Step 4: Ink

A little bit of ink along the edge of each element will hide blemishes, highlight the patterns in your paper, and add a sense of depth to your layout.

Step 5: Replace

Last but certainly not least, swap each template on your layout with the completed paper element and watch your design spring to life.

Download Your Free Sketch Sheets

Thanks for checking out our Card Making Sampler Set. We hope you enjoy these free sketches. You can take them with you to a crop or your kitchen table, wherever creativity is happening!

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