Merry & Bright Christmas Cards

Merry & Bright Christmas Cards

Are you one to hand-make Christmas Cards for your family and friends during the Holidays? If not, have you ever wanted to? Well, this month we have the perfect bundle option to help you create at least 25 hand-made cards that will fill your loved ones with holiday cheer! This bundle comes with a pack of 25 Merry & Bright Kwik-Card sheets. Each sheet is the same, which means that you have the option to just design one card and re-create it 25 times. Or, you can mix and match the patterns, and change up your designer templates to create many different, unique cards. In either case, this bundle is a great way to knock out your Christmas cards this year!

I decided that I was going to design five different cards, and then just recreate those designs five times each. This struck a balance between having a variety of cards for fun, and speeding up the creative process.


My first step was to cut out the pre-sized card base from each sheet so that they were ready to go, but also so I could use them to design on top of.

Note: If you want to end up with more than 25 cards, you could pull in some white cardstock from your own paper stash, and use the pattern from some of your card bases as additional embellishments.


Next, I went ahead and cut out the other pre-sized sections so that I was ready to trace and cut my embellishments out of them. Once I had decided on all five designs, and I knew what I needed to trace and cut, I pulled my kids in to help fold card bases and even trace and cut out the different Designer Template shapes that I needed. In order to keep from being overwhelmed, I only did five cards at a time.

Here are my 5 Card Designs:

Gift Tags

One of the other fun things about these Kwik Card sheets is that they include several gift tags, that you can cut out and use, either on your cards, or as actual gift tags for presents that you give to others!

And there you have it! 25 hand-made cards ready to mail out to my family and friends for the holidays… and it’s only November! This is definitely a first for me! I’m way ahead of the game this year!

To get your own Holiday Card Making Bundle, make sure to order from your Kiwi Lane Instructor by logging into your account here and placing your order today. While supplies last!

Free Printables:

The Merry & Bright Kwik Card sheet comes with several card sentiments, but by using the FREE printable provided, we have provided you with even more sentiments that coordinate with the Merry and Bright card pack, I ended up with a lot of great options for customizing the sentiments that I placed on each card.

Merry and Bright Christmas Card Sentiments

Do you make a lot of cards for the holidays?

Is it a new tradition or something that you and maybe your mother or grandmother have always done? Share your holiday, card-making traditions with us below!
Susan Budge

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