Making A Card Step-By-Step Using Tiny Notations

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A Quick Card

The magic in making cards is that it’s simple and fun with its small statement pieces and strong use of scraps. You can scratch that creative itch without having to commit too much time to it and still end up getting something beautiful to keep or give away! And if you’re in need of a quick project that you can enjoy, we’ve got one for you!

These fun cards use the amazing Tiny Notations Accessory set which is a perfect place for that title, sentiment, or a spot of journaling. The banners, badges, and other fun shapes will make adding the right words to your card or layout simpler and more satisfying than ever!

Here are some cards I made using the Tiny Notations set as well as how to make them step by step! 

Paper Used:

An assortment of scraps 🙂


The trick here is to stamp your sentiment onto the paper you will be using before you cut the design out of that paper. After you’ve done that, take your Designer Template and line it up over the top of your stamp. Because the templates are transparent, you can see when you get it perfectly oriented! Since I was layering Tiny Notations 4T on top of 5T, I went ahead and placed it on there while I got things oriented just right to check that it all worked together and was proportioned correctly. 


It helps to separate the element you are about to cut from the larger sheet by doing a rough cut around it, before you do the detailed cutting along your pencil line. It is much easier to do the detailed cutting work when you are only handling a small piece of paper, rather than a whole sheet. This will make your cuts more precise.




Inking is a must! It makes such a difference on your cards! Here is a before and after of Tiny Notations 2T. As you can see, the ink gives it a much more finished/professional look in seconds! And, as you can tell from the pictures — even though I am holding it up — the ink also makes the different layers pop off of each other beautifully, giving the finished product a more significant feel. 

Add 3D Lines

Using the guidelines printed on the template as a reference draw matching lines onto your paper. You can use a pencil, colored pencil, thin black marker, or you can even try stitching, or stickles, which I used for the card below.


Using whichever adhesive you prefer, attach each layer to your card base. To change things up from time to time, you may want to try some pop-up adhesive for those top layers! It is a fun way to add an extra touch to your designs.  

Inside Of Your Card

Have scraps? Put them to work dressing up the inside of your cards! It’s a fun surprise and sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient of your card, which is the goal right? 

Give It Away!

Our Tiny Accessory sets make card-making so much fun! Remember though! Cards are Meant to be Sent! So once you’ve made yours, make sure to pop them in the mailbox, or drop them on a doorstep so they can brighten the life of a loved one!

Buy Your Set Today!

The banners, badges, and other fun shapes will make adding the right words to your card or layout simpler and more satisfying than ever!  Use them to embellish cards, mini albums, 12-inch layouts, and even DIY projects! 

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