How To Dress Up Your Card Envelopes

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Dress it Up!

A year ago I made a personal challenge to send out the stash of cards that were piling up in my bin. I had gotten good at making cards on a daily basis but bad at sending them out! As I was preparing to send these cards out, I looked at my envelopes and said ‘what if I dressed them up?’ And long story short, decorating the envelopes was so much fun and made me smile! Hopefully, it brings a smile to the person I sent it to and maybe even the postal worker who is delivering it for me. In the end I discovered that there are so many ways you can add color so that your envelope stands out from day-to-day junk mail!

The Front

When you’re decorating your envelope, you don’t want to add too many layers since it probably has to fit through skinny slots along the way to your recipient! That’s why I found that the Quirky Doodle Sheet was perfect for adding some fun details and decoration to both the front and the back of my envelope! To add some color, you can simply use markers, watercolor, or incorporate paper scraps!

Decorate The Flap!

Use your scraps of paper to add a little color or pattern to the flap of your envelopes! If you don’t have scraps, I recommend using the 6×6 paper pads. I used the Pink and Main Be Brave Paper Pad. Once you’ve chosen your paper, you’re simply going to use liquid adhesive to adhere it to the lip of the envelope. I like a liquid adhesive for this craft because it’s a good way to make sure all the corners are attached and flat. I then used the Quirky Doodle Sheet to decorate it!

Need A Card?

Susan loved being able to send some of her cards to her friends and family! Need some card ideas? Susans sent this Creature card that she created a while back and also one of the cards she made in her Snowman Card Class. 

Get Quirky!

Get a little Quirky with these fun stencils! Add a flourish to your notes, journaling, and planners! These Quirky Doodle Sheets let you stencil embellishments anytime you’re crafting with a pen on paper instead of tracing and cutting.

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