How To Create Tag Cards

Good Morning Card Makers

Looking for a new way to change up your card designs? Try making some Tag Cards using our Tags Accessory set. They are cute, simple and unique.

Tag Cards

Here are the steps to make your own:


I started by choosing what Tag I wanted as my card, and then played with some of the Card Borders and Tiny Accessories to create my card, and just decorated on top of that Tag template which will become my card base.tag layout


I cut out my card base using some white cardstock.

  1. Cut out a card base to design on top of. You will need a 5.5″ x 6″ piece.
  2. Then fold in half so that you get a 5.5″ x 3″ card base
  3. Take you Tag Designer Templates and trace the top and bottom onto your card base.
  4. Then cut only the sides out of your card base, do not cut on the folded line.

5. Then ink the edges of your Tag card base before you add the other elements to the top.


Trace your other layers out of your pattern paper. You can decorate the top and even the inside of your card a little. You are going to have some excess over your Tag base, so I recommend just adhering it down onto your card, and then flip it over, and trim off the excess.


Also make sure to take advantage of the clear templates to help with stamping your sentiments. By stamping first onto your paper, and then tracing around your sentiment.

Only trace what you need

Another tip to keep in mind, is to only trace out the portion of the template that you need. For example; I only used part of the Flora, since it was tugged into another template, so I only traced out part of the Tiny Floral.

Here are a couple videos showing cutting out the Tiny Accessories. The key is to move the paper not your hand, and to do small quick cuts with a nice pair of scissors. Makes all the difference.

Video 1

Video 2

Designer Templates Used:

Tags (1,2,5,7)

Adorn (1A,3A)

Tiny Notations (4T,7T)

Tiny Floral (1T,3T)



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