Holiday Cards for March

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Festive Holiday Cards with a FREE PRINTABLE

For me, holidays are my calendar’s way of reminding me to take a moment and remember how blessed I am for the people in my life…people that I may not think about or thank as often as I should.

So, with St. Patrick’s Day & Easter coming up soon there is also an extra opportunity to remind someone in your life that you are thinking of them by giving them a handmade card!

To help ya out, I made a couple of samples using scraps of paper that I had, and these FREE SENTIMENT PRINTABLES  that you can also print off and use. One of the cards is a classic clover-themed card for St. Patrick’s Day, and for the others, I just couldn’t resist blending the two Holidays together in one card! Easter Bunnies and St. Patties Day green! A perfect combination!

St. Patrick’s Day

For the 3 Leaf Clover Card I started by cutting out a 6×12 card base and folding it in half to make a 6×6 card. I created the layered clover using Tiny Sweetheart 2T. I simply cut out three of the heart shapes from one pattern of paper for the bottom layer, and another three from another pattern for the top layer

Then I folded the ones for my top layer in half slightly to create a 3D look.

Last I added one of the sentiments that I mentioned earlier. Simple, but cute!


Now for my Easter cards. These were so much fun to make. Who doesn’t like bunnies? So soft, and cute!

On my first Easter Card, I used Rings #3 and Tiny Shapes #4T and #8T. To cut the face of the bunny you just need to trace part of circle out, and it will help if you just trace it onto the corner of the paper you are using (in this case I used good old-fashioned white cardstock).

For the layered ears, you will need to cut two of each of the Tiny Shapes templates out of the paper you are using as well.

For my second Bunny Card, I used the same Designer Template that I used my for 3 leaf Clover card – Tiny Sweetheart #2T – though I only cut out the top half of the heart to create the face of the bunny. I love how versatile the Designer Templates are, and the way that their look and feel changes when you use different papers!

For the ears, I used Tiny Shapes #4T again, cutting one for each ear.

Once I had the bunny mostly done, I wanted to add a bow. I could have used a ribbon, but I wanted a more substantial, 3D look so I used part of Cedar Trails #2B and some of my scraps of paper to make a bow of my own. You can see a step by step snapguide on how to make this bow here.

To make my bunny blush I used some light pink stickles on the cheeks and a small amount on the center of the ears.

Lastly, add your sentiment to the card, a button for the nose, and draw on some whiskers and eyes.

Happy Easter

Use For Treats

Oh and look! You can use these printables for cute treats to give to your family and friends as well.

In the end, I loved the way that St. Patrick’s Day and Easter came together in these cards…

and I can’t wait to give them to a few of the bright lights in my life.

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