Handmade Father’s Day Cards

Ballgame, Tie, Gamer
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If you haven’t had a chance yet to create a Father’s Day card, we hope the following ideas inspire you to schedule some playtime to create. We want to share these ideas and a free printable with you so you can make a card that’s as unique as the special men in your lives. 

Father’s Day Card Printable

We want to celebrate with you by sharing our free Father’s Day card printable. It is great for creating simple, fun, and cute Father’s Day cards. The best part of this printable is that the various sayings are designed as part of the card base, making it fast and easy to create unique cards for your fathers, grandfathers, and husbands. It’s as simple as playing with the printable and layering your collection of paper and designer templates on top. Whether your father is the best daddy, an all star, or a gaming pro, you’ll make their day with a card made just for him. Download the Printable today!

These meaningful cards are perfect for the gentlemen in your life, and they’re easy enough for anyone of any age to make and to create for their own fancy father. They’re quick and simple to create, especially when using the Father’s Day printable. Layer your Designer Templates on top of the card base, and you have a card your father will love.

Designer Templates we used on our Father's Day Cards

Don’t have these sets yet? These designer templates are so much fun to adorn your Father’s Day cards, and you can use them on many future cards, scrapbook layouts, and DIY projects, giving you a fun element for all of your creations. Pick up Ballgame, Gamer, and Tie a la cartes, now. We look forward to seeing what you play to create with them!

Come Play With Us

We have a fun week planned ahead of us filled with community, creating, and live learning! There truly is something for every creator, so be sure to take a look at our schedule over on our events calendar and set aside some time to join in using the power of the internet. 

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