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Be Mine Valentine Card

More Room To Play

Well, the fun thing about using the Mini Borders on cards is that you can make your cards larger than normal! It gives more room to play with layers!

I normally just fold a 8.5×11 piece of paper in half and use that as my base, but this time I decided to try a few different sizes.

I knew that I wanted to make a few cards with our FREE Printable Sentiments so I made up 4 card bases to start designing with.

Valentine Printable

I first started by cutting down the paper to 8×9 inches so that borders would fit the width of the card… and it would be a little shorter. I thought the cards I was planning to make would be cute long and short this time. On a few of my cards I took a few more inches off of the length of the card so that it was a more traditional card shape.

I played around with a few looks for these cards before settling on the main designs. I did end up with a few changes as I was working on them because I had a few ideas pop in my head as I was going along.

Here is an example of one of them:

This was my original idea for the card.

mini border card

Here is the final design:

I ended up removing one of the flowers and separating the Cascade trail borders so they were not layered. I also decided to add a mat to the card sentiment and a little pink strip to the right side of the card to balance the pink on the card.

valentine card

Card Sentiments

Make sure to use your Designer Templates to help you cut out your card sentiments! It is so much easier when you use them, and it allows you to use fun shapes to put those sentiments in.

B Mine Valentine

On this card, I cut a piece of paper to use over the card base so I had more color. I used the Mini Madison border to shape the bottom of the paper to give the layered look I wanted without it being too bold. I was looking to make a more simple look with this card. Love the way it turned out!

Be Mine Valentine Card

Well, I hope these simple ideas give you the boost needed to get working on your own Valentine’s Cards! Make sure to Download the Free Printable Sentiments if you are looking for a quick way to dress up your cards this year!

B Mine Card

Designer Templates Used:

Mini Madison  (3A) Mini Cascade Trails (2A) Tiny Accents (2T) Tiny Wacky (3T)

Love you every day card

Designer Templates Used:

Mini Cascade Trails (3A, 3B) Tiny Accents (2T) Tiny Wacky (2T) Mini Photos 3×3, 3.5×3.5

I Love You

Designer Templates Used:

Mini Cascade Trails (1A) Tiny Accents (1T, 4T) Mini Photos 3×3, 3.5×3.5

My True Love

Designer Templates Used:

Mini Madison (2A) Cascade Trails (2A) Tiny Wacky (2T) Tiny Accents (1T)

Shiloh Jorgensen

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