Designing Your Own Card Using The Happy Birthday Kiwik Card Kit

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More Ways Than One

The Happy Birthday Double Kiwik Card Kit supplies a lot of design samples for you to work with as it gives template suggestions and sample pictures. This allows for an easy card making session where you don’t have to take too long deciding on templates and embellishments. But if you’re like Mindy, some days you want to think outside of the box and play-to-create your own card design! Mindy made the card you see above using initial inspiration from the card samples provided and then slowly building her own ideas into the design. For more ideas and a closer look at the Happy Birthday Kwick Card Kit Samples, check out this post! There are more ways that one to use this kit, as Susan and her daughter Maddie demonstrated that by creating these birthday cards using the same kit. Check out the video for more examples and if you end up making your own card, let us know on our Facebook page or in the kiwi lane community!


Happy Birthday To Everyone You Know!

We all have birthdays! Everyone loves a birthday card, especially one handmade! The Happy Birthday Double Kwik Card Kit is bursting with bright colors and bold patterns that will bring smiles to anyone with a birthday–and that’s everyone!

Check Out The Video

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