Creating Kiwi Valentine Cards Using Spray Ink

Spray Ink

gail_owensHello again!

Gail Owens here today and I have a few Valentine’s Day cards to share with you, along with a little tip that you can use for any theme – it will work for any of the templates! First off, here are some Valentine’s Day cards:XOXO Valentine Card

Head Over Heels Valentine

Do you see how there are shapes of white on the background on both cards? That was made by laying Kiwi Lane templates on plain white paper and spraying ink all over the paper. On the “XOXO” card, I left the white background shape untouched and layered some hand cut template shapes on top.  Here’s the step by step:

1) Lay templates on the paper where you want them and spray with ink, essentially using the templates as a resist.

Spray Ink

2) Let ink dry for a minute and carefully remove temples. (Wash templates under water to remove ink. It should come right off. If not, try washing with a mild soap.)

Spray Ink

3) When paper is completely dry, layer smaller templates.

Spray Ink

4) Trace, cut, ink and replace to get your card!

There are a few things to point out about this card:

-I originally used a white card base. I decided to cut it down to the piece you see on the front of the card because it warped a little more than I liked. It was an easy fix- you can do the same if you feel like you don’t like the way your spray ink warped your card.  

-I forgot to cover the hole on the template with a little bit of tape before spraying the ink. This made a little dot of color that I didn’t really want. I was able to cover it with the layered shape on top, but you might want to cover the hole before you spray your ink. 😉

While the “XOXO” card has plain white resist shapes, I decided that the “Head over Heels” card needed some doodling around the resist shape. I also doodled around the smaller shapes that I layered on the card.

And just because I can, here’s another card for your viewing pleasure… and hopefully some template inspiration:

Valentine Card - You Are Loved

There you go- three cards to help you show some love! I hope you enjoyed them- leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Templates used:

Adorn 2A,2B

Sweetheart 2,3

Tiny Sweetheart 2T,3T

Tiny Accents 1T

Tags 1

Tiny Tags 1T,6T

Tiny Nature 1T

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