Cardmaking Using The Blossom Accessory

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You don’t always have to use Tiny Accessories when it comes to cardmaking. In fact, Susan was able to use the Blossom Accessory Set and the Frolic Tiny Border to make some fresh spring cards.

From The Heart

There’s one thing you need before you start card making; paper (and templates of course!). Susan loves using the From The Heart Kwik Card Kit to make her spring cards. This kit has a variety of colorful paper as well as sentiment cards to fit multiple occasions ranging from a new baby, a wedding, or just a fun welcome card.

Are You Stuck?

When you’re making cards, sometimes you can get stuck thinking that ‘it looks bland’ or ‘it looks like its missing something’. This thought is an expected companion for any craft, but we challenge you to think of layering or adding elements to ward of those thoughts. Are your tulips (blossom 4) looking bland, layer some petals on top to add some more dimension. Does your butterfly (Blossom 3) look a little lifeless? Add some fun enamel dots.

Negative Space

If you’ve taken an art class, you’ve probably heard of the concept of negative and positive space. That same concept can be applied to card making. Instead of layering, try cutting out edges and create negtaive space!

Are You Blossoming With Excitement Yet?

How have you used your Blossom accessory set? Have you picked up the From The Heart Kiwi Card Kit? Do you love it as much as we do? Tell us all about it! Make sure to share your card creations with us on our play-to-create Facebook page.

Want to keep exploring the possibilities of the Blossom Accessory set? Check out this blog post about a layout Amy Jussel did with this accessory set.

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