Using Pocket Paper Kits To Make Cards

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Get Inspired!

When trying to use a pocket paper kit to make cards, you might want to consider picking up the Card Idea Book for inspiration! There are so many ideas from cards to crafts to help you get the inspiration flowing. Speaking of the Card Idea Book, you should consider adding it to your card making to-go bag due to its compact size!

As an example of using a pocket paper kit to make cards, Jodi used the Time To Shine Pocket Paper Kit to create some stunning cards. Let’s take a look!

Time To Shine Cards

Inspired by the Card Idea Book, Jodi created a pocket card (Card to the right). She was then able to slide in a sentiment card to add more character and personality. The card to the left was also inspired by the Card Idea Book, and she had so much fun playing with the Country Accessory set as well as the Simple Things Design Kit, which was created for snap frames but can be used for cards! How fun!

Using a variety of Tiny Accessories and the Time To Shine Pocket Paper Kit, Jodi was able to create a total of 7 cards. She loves playing with Tiny Charmed and was delighted to find that she could use Tiny Charmed 2T to recreate leaves on her flower. She also loved being able to use some of the sentiment cards provided by the pocket paper kit to create some more focus for a few of her cards.

We Want To Hear From You!

Time to Shine truly does add a little more brightness to your cards. Have you had a chance to use it yet? Tell us all about it!  Have you gotten your hands on the Card Idea Book? What were some of your favorite ideas? Have you given them a try? Let us know in the comments below or on our play-to-create Facebook page!

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