5 Easter Card Ideas

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Easter Cards

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to pull out those pastel-colored papers and embellishments and make a card! These Easter Cards are easy with a few tools and embellishments to get you rolling. Ready? Let’s get creating!

Here's What You'll Need:

You can use the same paper Susan used to make these cards by going and getting the Bloom Street Boxed Card set by Paige Evans or you can use your own paper that you have on hand! Other than that, all you need is a sheet of green cardstock. 

Card #1

To start this card, you’re going to need the Expressions 6 Designer Template. Using the guidelines on the template, you’re going to trace the inner circle on a paper of your choice and then cut it out. Using a separate piece of paper, you’re going to trace the outer rim of the template and cut it out as well. Then using some pop-up stickers (not liquid adhesive), layer them on top of each other until you’ve created that fun 3D window effect! But before you adhere anything down you want to first design your card using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set. Susan decided to use the Bunny as the center of attention and decorated its feet with the other Designer Templates in this festive set! If you want, you can run your bunny through a paper crimper to add some texture.

Can You Spot The Difference?

The great thing about this project is that you can make it your own by simply adjusting a few details! you don’t have to follow our designs exactly! Feel free to add some enamel dots to your egg, change the paper you use in the ears, or find a different type of green cardstock for the grass! You can even opt-out of the paper crimper and keep your bunny smooth as butter!

Card #2

Grab your Expressions Accessory set one more time because this card uses the same 3D window effect as the last card! Follow the same trace and cut pattern and use pop-up stickers and you’re good to go! For this design, Susan decided to have a chick pop out of its egg and say hello, all using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set. You can find some shiny enamel dots for the eye and add some string to the egg for some fun texture. If you don’t want to use string, you can use the doodle sheet that comes with the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set to decorate the eggs.

Card #3

For this card, you can use the same Designer Templates that we used in Card #2, with the chick coming out of the egg. To change it up, you can simply change the orientation of your card and ta-da! To make this design pop, you can try cutting a strip of bright paper and slip it behind the egg to give it a good foundation.

To add more fun details, you can also use the doodle sheet that comes with the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set and add some designs to your egg. Just like the good old days when you would paint boiled eggs on Easter!

Card #4

Is it Easter if you don’t make your own Easter basket? We don’t think so. Fill it the brim using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set and all of a sudden it’s Easter! You can use the paper crimper to add texture to your bunny or if you like a more clean look, you can keep it smooth. Make sure to add some whiskers to that bunny and eyes to your little critters. To decorate the front of your basket, simply use the Doodle Sheet and tie a bow on it all!

Can You Spot The Difference?

Can you spot the difference? You can switch the bunny out for a flower to give it a more airy feel. Susan created her flower using Kiwi Club Templates from the May and November 2019 Kits. If you don’t have them, no worries! The tulip in the Blossom Accessory set is also a perfect option! You can even switch up your bow a bit by giving it a straight back instead of a curvy one.

Card #5

Look at that adorable tail! By simply adding a tail instead of whiskers to the Bunny Designer Template, you can make it look like it’s turned its back on you! Give some grass at its feet using green cardstock and a pretty egg and you’ve painted the perfect Easter picture! To decorate the edges of the card, you can free-hand it or play with the doodle sheet!

Which card was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Download The Printable!

Easter Printable:

Looking for more Easter Card inspiration? Print out this printable and play-to-create! See what other designs you can come up with! 

Want To See Susan Make These Cards From Beginning to End? Check Out The Video!

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