3 Ways To Use One Paper Kit

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Save The Trees

Let us set the scene for you; you’re going through your scrapbooking supplies and it begins to dawn on you that you have an unbelievable amount of paper and paper kits, maybe even a Kiwi Club Kit you have yet to use. You begin to think of all the trees you’re wasting as you go through this paper, and you wish you could use ALL of your paper kit, but you always end with that little bit at the end.

Well, it’s possible! Kiwi has thought a lot about this subject, and we want you to be as effective (and crafty!) as possible when it comes to using a paper kit, so we’ve developed three ways- you could even refer to it as a process of three steps- for you to start using that one paper kit.


First off, you have to start knawing at that stash of paper. You could start in any way you want (there is no right order to start using paper), but starting by designing a one page, two page, or pocket layout is always a safe bet! Want some more paper to start playing with? Go check out Kiwi Lane’s personal stash of paper. 


After you’ve finished a layout, you’re left with some scraps, and maybe even a full paper left unscathed. What then? Well, Amy was left with the same problem, so after using the Best Day Ever Pocket kit to make a pocket layout, she used her scraps these fun and happy cards (effective and cute!). Want to see her make it? Check out this video. 

As for you, you can do the same! You could make a traditional card or even use Woodland Creature Set to make a cute creature themed one.


If you haven’t been stretching that creative brain so far, now is the time to get it started. Let’s say you’ve done a layout, made a card, and ended up back at your crafting station with some more of that lovely paper kit to use. You’re at the finish line, but you’re stuck. What now?  Kiwi suggests the perfect tool for getting unstuck in these cases; think of someone else. A crafty little sack lunch for your son, daughter, or spouse. Maybe even a little over the top lunch note with too much glitter and embellishments? That’s always a winner. A teacher present, birthday banner, treat bag, the list goes on and on! It’s certain to use up the last bit of that paper kit you’ve been hanging onto.

Set A Goal!

Can you use every scrap of one paper kit? What and how much can you create? Let us know by sharing pictures on our play-to-create Facebook page with #OnePaperKit