Shiny & New Layout Kit Cards

Shiny & New Handmade Cards

Good morning all you Kiwi Lane card makers out there! I’m sure you all have used Kiwi Lane’s Kwik Card Paper Kits as they make it easier then ever to create cards for any occasion. (If you haven’t used the Kwik Card Paper Kits you’re missing out!!!) But, if you have a Kiwi Lane Layout Paper Kit¬†consider using it to make cards or if you’re like me, use all your bits and pieces left over after creating a Layout for cards. With the scraps I had from my Shiny & New Layout Kit I created these 5 handmade cards.


Templates Used: Tiny Charmed (2T,3T)

I {triple heart} u

Templates Used: Tiny Charmed (2T,8T)

sweet cupcake card


Templates Used: Tiny Charmed (5T) Tiny Celebrate (5T) Tiny Notations (5T)

hugs flower card


Templates Used: Tiny Springtime (6T) Tiny Accents (1T) Tiny Charmed (1T) Autumn (1)

tiny charmed hearts card

My Heart

Templates Used: Tiny Charmed (2T)

I hope that these 5 cards inspire you to use up each and last scrap you have leftover from your Layout Paper Kits!

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