mindy_fullmerIT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE!


No…Kiwi Lane has not ventured into super hero-themed designer templates yet, but just like Clark Kent can step into a phone booth and become Superman, our designer templates can transform before your eyes into all sorts of shapes depending on the paper you use with them (no phone booth required!).  These 5 cards were made using Tiny Explore, Sincerely, Delight, and Tiny Brackets.


Smile More Worry Less: Sincerely (2A,2B) Tiny Brackets (2T) Tiny Explore (1T)

Hello Sunshine: Sincerely (2A) Delight (3) Tiny Brackets (1T) Tiny Explore (4T,6T)

It’s Not A Race, It’s  A Journey: Delight (1,2) Tiny Explore (4T,5T)

Sending Lots Of Happy: Sincerely (2A,2B) Tiny Brackets (2T) Tiny Explore (2T,6T)

Wish Big: Sincerely (3A,3B) Tiny Brackets (1T) Tiny Explore (6T)

Finding Inspiration

By switching up your paper, you can create many differently styled and themed projects using the very same templates, but did you know that by altering the shape of your designer template slightly, you can expand your creative options and find inspiration for many new and exciting design ideas?

For example, in the card below I used Tiny Explore 2T and 6T.  By only tracing and cutting a portion of the design, I was able to transform 6T into the shape of a propeller that paired perfectly with my 2T banner template to create the airplane effect that you see here.

Not only is this cute on a card but it would also be Super-Cute (pun intended!) on a layout, or any other project as well.

Hopefully this has inspired you to look at your designer templates in a new light. What can you create with some slight alterations and a little creativity? Give it a try. Maybe you’ll discover a new, super-crafty, super-power of your own in the process. We would love to hear what you come up with, so be sure to share in the comments section below!