cropped-kiwi_favicon.pngWhen we designed the Play-to-Create system, we worked hard to try and keep it simple and hands on. We wanted it to be low tech, and uncomplicated (and not to involve any complicated manuals to read!). And we felt strongly that it should be hands on, because we found that the moment we were able to visualize and play with the design of our layout, we were able to tap into our own inner creativity.

There are very few feelings that can match the satisfaction that comes from this sort of Creative Fulfillment, and we have made it our goal to help as many others experience this as we can!

Keeping things simple and hands on has become the hallmark of our Creative philosophy ~ which is to Play Your Way To Creativity. Because of this, whether you are creating hand-made cards or scrapbooking layouts, the Play-to-Create system only requires a few basic, inexpensive tools.

All that you really need is:

  1. Ink
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil
  4. Paper
  5. Adhesive
  6. Paper Trimmer
  7. Kiwi Lane Designer Templates

Kiwi Lane Basic Tools


Ink & Scissors

In this post, we wanted to focus on the first and second items on the list — ink and scissors. For most of us, it has been a long time since we have used a pair of scissors (grade school probably!), and the idea of cutting things by hand can be a little bit intimidating. We understand this! And, as silly as it sounds, a few tips can go a long way when it comes to cutting!  

We want to share some videos that we have created that will walk you through some basic cutting and inking tips that will help you Play-to-Create with our Designer Templates. The advice below is simple, but really useful!


Let’s start with some basics…


We want to just emphasize how important inking is to your finished layout. Not only will it hide any pencil marks and cutting blemishes (which means your cuts don’t need to be perfect!), but it is also the step that will turn a good page into a great one by giving your layout a nice, finished look! Just like Tim Holtz says, “If it isn’t worth inking, it isn’t worth doing.”



Now, for a little more info on cutting out accessories. Creating accessories for your layouts from your scraps is such a great way to use up your paper stash and save money on embellishments, but some of our sets are a little more intricate than others. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to cutting our more complex accessory sets. It’s easier than you think!

Cutting Intricate Accessory Sets

As you can see it only takes seconds to cut out even the most intricate sets!

Do you love the Rings set? We do, too! Rings really are a perfect addition to any layout – basic, but oh so cute! But, how do we cut them out? As you might expect, it’s simple! Check out the next video for the details.

Cutting Out the Rings Set


Now for some fun! Get ready to pull out those shape scissors from years ago! There is a reason to use them again! In the next video, Susan will show you how you can use them on your Borders and Fun Borders to add some texture to your pages!

Using Shaped Scissors

Hopefully, these tips have bolstered your confidence when it comes to cutting! It really is like riding a bike; the moment you do it, it all comes right back to you. So, pick up those scissors! Be bold! Be fearless! Oh, yeah…and have Fun! After all, the goal should always be to Play Your Way To Creativity!