Cards Of All Sizes

Traditionally cards are 5.5 x 4.25, but who says cards need to be a certain size? For example, I personally think that 6×6 cards are a really fun canvas on which to create something special! When you create non-standard cards like this, however, there will be a few hurdles to jump… like finding an envelope that will work! The solution may be as easy as foregoing the envelope and hand-delivering your card to nearby friends and family, or learning how to create envelopes of your own! A simple Youtube search will turn up a variety of tutorials on how to do it.

My point is…you can make your handmade cards any size that you would like. There’s no need to limit your creativity in that regard.

I wanted to share a fun card that I created the other day that just happened to be 12″x9″! This is perfect for situations where you need an oversized card that has a lot of square footage on the inside so that several people can write a note for the recipient.

12x9 card

Simply cut a 12×12 sheet of paper down to 9 inches and fold it in half. From there, you can use our 12” Designer Template Borders and a variety of our Accessories and Tiny Accessories to decorate the front, and voila! You have a one of a kind card!

Whatever it is that you are creating, we hope that you allow yourself to play freely and joyfully. You’ll be surprised how often this leads to moments of true inspiration and creative fulfillment, not to mention opportunities for creative connections with others!

We would love to see the cards you make.

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